Guest Testimonials

What Keeps Our Guests Coming Back

Comments from our Guests 

“This place is great. The staff are patient and knowledgeable and took their time analyzing and explaining everything to me. I was able to run pain-free today in my styling new kicks. Thank you.”

“Superb service in all aspects!”

“Craig the bike-fitter is a great addition to the team. He recently did a “cleats-to-seats” fitting with me – he’s clearly passionate about his work, but also sensitive to my needs and goals. I’m confident that with my new cleat setup, I’m already pedalling easier and producing a lot more power. Awesome!”

“A huge thanks to John for introducing me to the Newtons! I just finished my first run and feel awesome! Thanks for the running analysis and best fit shoes!”

“Absolutely impressed in the knowledge and technology they use to find what shoe works best for you!”

“Justin was amazing in helping me pick out the perfect bike for my first Ironman. Would recommend to anyone!”

“I went to the Middleton branch and was immediately approached by a friendly and knowledgeable employee who explained each step of the movement analysis and made it very easy to understand. She brought out a good selection of shoes and thoroughly explained their return policy. It was a great experience and I’ll definitely go to them again!”

“My go-to store for anything bike swim run related. They really know the triathlon sport, and I love how they have a treadmill and can do foot strike analysis.”

“The people are truly amazing and make Endurance House the best tri store in town”

 “Best place in town for running shoes and tri gear!”

Personal Stories

Dan (Dano) Tyler
How do you classify yourself?
I focus on keeping it fun, but have become experienced and really push myself in certain races.
How has Endurance House been a resource for you?
Endurance House feels like home. When I need gear, they steer me toward the right stuff; when I don’t, I’m still welcome to sit by the fire or share race stories. I recommend EH because they give honest advice to all ability levels, out of their love for the sport. Plus, Tuesday Night Run has been the one thing that’s kept me running year-round!
Not to mention, you should have seen it when she discovered the bike, she screamed and jumped up and down! Whenever we had talked about ring-shopping, Dione always said she wanted “two rings,” if you know what I mean – so that’s what I got her. She’s delighted. Thanks for the great bike, and a detailed bike fit. I’m sure it’s going to bring us a lot of happiness!

Chelsea Maxera

How do you classify yourself?
“Active” – Seeking improved health/weight loss through an increase in activity

How has Endurance House been a resource for you?
When I started running a year and a half ago, I thought I hated it. The more I ran, the more my knee ached, and the more discouraged I became. I heard about Endurance House’s Foot Strike Analysis and decided to give it a try. I left with a new pair of shoes and, when I went for a test run the next day, I went 3 whole miles (which was pretty far for me at the time) with ZERO knee pain! Since getting my first pair of “real” running shoes from Endurance House, I have been running regularly and loving it. Without the expert knowledge of the friendly Endurance House staff, I probably wouldn’t be running at all. Thanks, E House!

Erik Gennerman

How would you classify your fitness goals?
I would consider myself a “Challenger” Seeking to compete and push limits

How does Endurance House continue to be a resource for you?
“My first visit to Endurance House was before I had run a 5K.  Since then their expertise and advice have helped me train and participate in over 30 runs, 2 Sprint Triathlons, and a Marathon.  Their staff has a clear passion for Swim/Bike/Run, and always take time to help others.  This is a great local business that I expect to work with for many years to come.”

– Erik Gennerman

Rachel Wunsch

How would you classify your fitness goals?
I would consider myself a “Challenger” Seeking to compete and push limits

How does Endurance House continue to be a resource for you?
“I’ve been extremely active since childhood, and in order to perform my best in my athletic endeavours, I believe it’s important to use proper equipment and training tools. I was referred to Endurance House by a friend and found that not only do they provide the high-quality equipment I was looking for, but the people running the shop know their stuff! They took the time to help me find exactly what I was looking for, (without feeling rushed!) and made themselves available to answer questions and provide advice, going beyond my expectations.”