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Start of Triathlon Season
by: Kyle Larson, Owner, Endurance House Madison The calendar says it’s the start of triathlon season but sometimes mother nature doesn’t get the message.  We’ve all been there – you have a brand new kit and you are eager to race and do a little showing off but the mercury says chilly! Arm warmers are a great
Work, Life, Harmony
By: Brandon Nguyen, Director of Operations and Coach Seeking Work, Life, Harmony As a coach and athlete, I have always used the word “balance” to describe my training and my personal life. “Balance” your day, so that you can train before the kids get up for school. “Balance” your time away from work so
Tailwind Nutrition – A New Habit?
by: Kyle Larson, Owner Endurance House Madison  I’m a creature of habit just like lots of people.  I try to go bed around the same time every night – it’s early!  I like to wake up to my brewed coffee I even have my favorite water bottle (it will be a sad day when
Recycle Your Running Shoes!
by: the More Foundation Did you know that your old running shoes (and soccer shoes) can be re-purposed into agricultural training, tree nurseries, and much more?  A single pair of used athletic shoes can also remove one ton of carbon from the atmosphere, while helping lift an entire family out of poverty.  Those dusty shoes in
Cadence Force Workout
by: Richard, Bike Doctor Okay, I recently posted a formula for doing Tabata workouts on a stationary bike as a way to increase speed and power. Tabatas work by increasing your VO2 max. and your aerobic capacity. This means you gulp more air and increase your ability to process that air. More oxygen going to your muscles means they
Getting Started Running: 3 Basics
By:  Brandon Nguyen, Runner and Coach Let’s talk about how to get started as a beginning runner. There are lots of articles all around the interwebs that will tell you how to begin a running regime. The best ones will prescribe a combination of running and walking to get you started and lay out a plan for how to:
Your New Year's Fitness Resolution
by: Brandon Nguyen, Director Of Operations Redefine Your Possible  So you’ve decided to turn over a new leaf this coming year. You’re going to get into shape, maybe lower your body weight, and follow a fitness routine. You’re in good company! Many of our friends (and some of our staff) in the endurance athlete community started their fitness programs for exactly
Must Have Apps
by: Kyle Larson, Owner Today my phone has more computing power and way more storage than the first computer my wife and I bought. Oh – it is less expensive too. But with so much power in your hands don’t let it go to waste with Angry Birds, Flappy Birds or any other bird
How and Why to Do Tabata Workouts on a Bike
by: Richard League – Bike Person Occasionally, I overhear someone at the store asking how to build cycling strength. Of course, there are many answers to this question, and many ways, depending on your goals, to go faster on a bike. But one way that is proven effective and can be done by anyone at
Stress Fracture
Stress Fracture
Why Do I Run? What to Do When You Can’t?   by: Kyle Larson, Owner In the beginning I ran for very different reasons.  There was a time in high school when I ran because I needed to get in shape for football.  It was tough coming into 2 a day workouts out of
Hoka Clifton
Running Shoes That Make You Say: "Hello Down There"
by: Kyle Larson Owner Endurance House Madison Guess what I did?  I ran in a pair of Hoka’s?  If you haven’t heard of Hoka, let me tell you a little about them. Hoka is what many would call a “maximalist” shoe.  It has lots of cushioning – so much so that you will tower
How Much is That Doggy in the Window?
by Kyle Larson, Owner Endurance House, Madison Email:  Kyle Larson (Continuation of August 25, 2014 Panel Discussion)  A question we hear often when talking about triathlon is “How much do I need to spend to be able to do triathlon?”  Our response – “It depends.”  I know – very helpful – right?  Let’s break “it
I Used to Be Fast — Then I Bought a GPS
by Kyle Larson, Owner, Endurance House Madison I remember when I clocked a 5:15 mile at the Capital Mile in Madison.  It was a 6PM race in July around the Capital Square.  For a long distance guy it was a blast.  Now a 5:15 mile doesn’t sound fast when compared to the 4 minute group –
TrainingPeaks Sync
Auto Sync Garmin with Training Peaks
by Kyle Larson, Owner, Endurance House Madison In the middle of June Training Peaks and Garmin made it whole lot simpler to upload data to Training Peaks.  If you are doing this now, you know the routine.  Upload your data to Garmin Connect, then find your most recent workouts, select them and then upload those
One Out of Ten Runners Prefer…
by Kyle Larson, Owner, Endurance House Madison What do you do when you are out running? Besides run? I look at feet and shoes. I know – I’m living a dream. I admit it is a little “unscientific” – yet I’d like to think directionally correct. This weekend I was out running and then out
Personalized Movement Profile
Shoes Matter
by Kyle Larson, Owner, Endurance House Madison Heel Striker – Mid-foot – Forefoot – Natural – Barefoot – Extreme Cushion — Minimalist — STOP! It wasn’t too long ago that “joggers” launched a running boom along with the multi-billion dollar running shoe industry. At the time of this evolution running shoes were very flat