bike size assessment

Unsure about your current bike size or fitUnsure how to start the process of looking for a new bike?

Our Personalized Movement Profile philosophy can help you find a solution with a FREE Bike Size Assessment!

Many guests ask us, how is a “Bike Size Assessment” different than a “Bike Fitting”?  Check out the following FAQ to see if BSA is right for you.

How much does BSA cost?

  • Bike Size Assessment(BSA) is a FREE service

I Don’t have a bike but I am interested in getting one, how do I start?

  • We recommend that you stop in or give us a call (608-836-9084) to schedule your Free one-on-one BSA with one of our certified bicycle specialists

I already own a bike but I am not sure if it is the right bike for me?

  • BSA is an excellent tool for us to help you understand more about your bike and work together to find a solution that is best for your goals

bike size assessmentWhat happens at a BSA?

  • BSA utilizes the Waterford Fitmaster to help find the optimal geometry for you based on your specific goals
  • BSA will likely result in one of the following 4 findings.
    • The bike is deemed to be the correct size and setup correctly
    • The bike is deemed to be the correct size but requires minor tweaks
    • The bike is deemed to be the correct size but requires a full bike fit or “seats to cleats” fitting
    •  The bike is deemed to be the incorrect size and we can help you find options that are more suitable

Call to schedule your FREE Bike Size Assessment Today (608)-836-9084

Ready to Purchase a New Bike?

What makes purchasing a bike from Endurance House different?

1) Free Bike Size Assessment which helps ensure you are on the perfect bike based on your geometry vs. what some salesperson makes a nice commission on.

2) Personal attention and care.  Our primary focus is helping you along your journey and to serve as a small step in helping you accomplish your training and racing goals.

3) The Ride it home shopping spree.  All bikes above $2,000 come with an everyday $500, $800 or $1,500 shopping spree to accompany your purchase

4) We carry full carbon, triathlon specific bicycles starting around $1,400

5) If you cannot afford to purchase a new bike we will help guide you to the perfect bike through our free Bike Size Assessment.  We would much rather ensure that you are able to enjoy your training and racing on something that is the correct size vs. taking the chance that you guess wrong.  

Brands We Carry

  • Cervelo Bicycles
  • BMC Bicycles
  • Quintana Roo Bicycles
  • Kestrel Bicycles
  • Fuji Bicycles