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All bike fittings are conducted through our beautiful fitting studio at our Madison East location.  Please call (608)-441-9084 to schedule your fitting appointment.

Meet our Fitter, Craig Watson

Bike Fitting: Worn Out Cleats

Bike Fitting: Cleat Position


To describe the wonderful attributes of Craig is truly impossible in a few sentences however, here are a few highlights regarding his bike fitting career:

  • Over 11,000 hours of bike fitting
  • Many years of 200 to 300 fittings per year in Madison
  • Teacher and keynote speaker on bike fitting throughout the United States
  • Fitting sessions for recreational riders, triathletes, age group competitors, and pro bike racers
  • Well known for producing more comfort, more power, reduction in aggravation and injury, and achieving faster recovery times between workouts

Check out his videos below to see him in action!

TT or Road Bike Fitting – $285 

*Includes one follow up fitting session available up to 30 days after the initial fitting session

Using industry leading tools, methods and experience the Endurance House TT or Road Bike Fitting will provide the opportunity for a dynamic fit process that identifies the optimal position for… 

  • Maximized comfort
  • Reduction of injury
  • Ideal cleat/shoe interface and foot position
  • Maximized aerodynamics and power output

TT or Road Bike Follow Up Fitting – $145

Bring your bike in anytime 2 to 12 months after your initial fitting for a reduced rate follow up fitting.

Cleat to Seat Fitting – $145

Have you had a hard time adjusting your new pedals or saddle? The Cleat to Seat fitting focuses specifically on everything from the pedals to the saddle. Each 1.5 hour session focuses on comfort, efficiency and power and includes…

  • Analysis of the pedal stroke
  • Cleat Position
  • Saddle height, set back and angle
  • Saddle comfort

What to expect during your bike fitting

    • Detailed athlete consultation – Each bike fit begins with a detailed verbal consultation to help our fitter understand the unique riding history, current riding style, cycling goals, current and past injuries, and treatments as well as basic body proportions.
    • Cleat and Seat Adjustment – Each cleat to seat fitting involves evaluating the cleat pedal interface, then moves to saddle height and position.